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Why Bounce?

We are redefining the events hosting landscape, and giving you an interactive experience that extends beyond the event stage.

Our Story


Bounce is a socially integrated platform that bundles and comprehensively spans users’ weekly event needs. Centred around event ticketing, increasing user-user engagement, and building communities, we are the one-stop shop for all your social event needs where we even handle custom apparel and drink sponsorships through our corporate partners.

Born out of the realization that the event ticketing space is highly fragmented and costly, we set out to improve and redefine the event experience for both hosts and guests. Through our deep understanding of the university event space and what really matters to our users, we've built Bounce to be the best solution for university students to organize and attend events!


Our Initiatives

Creating Communities & Memories


At Bounce, we’re helping university students build communities, make new connections, and create lasting memories.

Supporting Our Ecosystem


We’re deeply integrated in our communities and are committed to supporting both student organizations and local businesses.

Bouncing for Better


From tree replanting to fundraising for causes like BLM and Movember, we love giving back and using the platform to enact positive change.

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